'Seemavishwa Gurukul'

In Hindustani Classical Music, the ‘Gurushishshya Parampara’ is considered to pass the knowledge, share the experience, and to train the students. Seema and Vishwanath both observed that many teachers in classical music were losing the real approach in teaching and few students were misguided by the teachers. The preventive action to this was to train the students in a right manner to enrich their born talents. “SeemaVishwa Gurukul” was established with the same approach in 2000.

Seema and Vishwanath decided to start such a ‘Gurukul’ in which they could focus on student’s individual growth. Tabla is taught by Guru Pt. Vishwanath Shirodkar, with expert guidance and ‘Smt.Seema Shirodkar teaches the Samvadini.Near about fourty talented disciples are under the guidance of these expert performers.

Demonstrations, workshops as well as ‘Monthly Sangeet Sabhas’ are arranged time to time to groom these students. Also every student gets a chance to perform in a yearly ‘Guru Paurnima Utsav’ which is a three day festival. After this festival each individual student gets the to do list from the valuable feedback given by the Gurus which helps them to sharpen their skill sets.

The focused approach to the development of the disciples with the proven output, “Seemavishwa Gurukul” has acclaimed its own identity today.It is sure that the ‘Gurukul’ will set a benchmark in the history of Hindustani Classical Institutions.





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