Artist's Statement

Tabla is a percussion instrument, well known for its versatile capacity as an accompanying instrument as well as solo instrument. Pt. Ravi Shankarji’s contribution in utilizing ‘Karnatak Sangeet Lay Aang’ into North Indian Classical music, provided beneficial for Tabla, to enhance its endless improvisations.

This is the only percussion instrument which has a very close relationship with ‘Gayaki’.The command on the ‘Baaya’ helps an artist to express his inner sense of Gayaki.

Initially I received training in ‘Vocal’ music and it helps me in my further artistic development.This is the reason why I am appreciated by audiences from time to time.

While exploring the ‘Mathematics in ‘Layakari’ and aesthetical improvisations my study in Civil Engineering helped me.I believe that the ‘Laya Taal Sadhana’ is the only way that leads you to experience divine feelings.