Artist's Statement

As compared to other solo instruments ‘Samvadini’ has not yet acclaimed its own repute till now. Most of the times this instrument is considered as an incomplete instrument to match Indian Classical Music.This is against its popularity today. But to reach the repute as a renowned instrument, the performer's capacity and limitations matter.I have accepted this as a challenge to reward its true justice, and working hard devotedly to achieve this goal.

An ideal instrumental performance in Hindustani Classical music is judged by the reflection of ‘Gayaki Aang’ from decades. The closer it is to ‘Gayaki Aang’, more it is appreciated. While performing solo I always use to follow this and audience has always appreciated me time to time.

Many Samvadini players seem to be focused on the ‘Keyboard’, but it’s important to pay attention to ‘Bhata’ (Bellow) as well.
According to me the control and command over ‘Bhata’ (Bellow) helps the artist to produce more natural and melodious playing.

In solo performance, I believe in the slow ‘Aalaaps’. This helps to establish the mood of ‘Raaga’ and the performance remains lasting.
‘Samvadini’ is a great medium for me to express my feelings.